Maple Heights, OH Newborn Photographer | Meet Alonzo

Maple Heights, OH Newborn Photographer

Little Alonzo you were so excited to meet your mom & dad, that you came just a few weeks early. So sweet with that adorable curly hair and the sweetest little cheeks. It’s no wonder you stole your mama’s heart.

I always have parents contact me after the baby is born. It seems like time just slips on by and you forget about scheduling newborn photos. I mean, life is crazy enough as it is. Add in a new baby and lost of sleepless nights and weeks have gone by. I have heard a lot of newborn photographers that won’t do newborn sessions after a certain amount of days. But why???  I think there is this stigma about baby’s not sleeping after day 10 of birth. That baby won’t be as flexible, or a little bit of baby acne. But to be honest some of my best sleeping newborns were past this “10-day” window. I have done newborns up to 6 weeks new. I mean sometimes babies come early and have to stay in the NICU for a while. That is okay…

While everyone won’t photograph a baby after a certain amount of days, I will be happy to snuggle your baby at any age. To me, these images are more than priceless and capture the brand new baby you just had. You know that one that grows way to fast before your eyes. So parents if you think this window of opportunity has been missed, please think again.

Now please enjoy this sweet little guy who slept like a dream, had the most adorable little cheeks that I just wanted to kiss.

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